File Mangler

I tossed together a dangerous one this evening.

Sometimes I just want to change all of those ".MP3" extensions to ".mp3", or change an underscore that persists across several directories full of similarly named files, or just change the name of every file on my hard drive to something completely unrecognizable. You can always use sed and just pretend that everything looks right, but taking the extra step to make your sed-soaked dreams a sharp and terrible reality requires just a bit more crazy. Luckily, I have that in spades.


Songbird killed my BASH script

I used to play music in the terminal. Why is this? iTunes didn't "really" support flac, and it makes an utter mess of my otherwise neatly organized collection. And, until very recently, Songbird failed to play certain mp3s for seemingly no good reason (silly encoding issues). Besides, I enjoy being able to rock right off of the prompt. But no more.